Tending to the Body’s Shocks: Holding Ourselves and Each Other After the Overturn of Roe v. Wade

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Dear Hearts, This is an incredibly sad and confusing time for many of us.  Over the weekend, millions lost their rights and will continue to lose their rights to abortion care. This major decision comes right after the ongoing legislative attacks on the LGBTQIA community, especially the trans community. These ongoing attacks can feel like big shocks to the body and our internal systems. When hearing about difficult news, people tend to gasp, quickly inhale air, stiffen their body for protection, and move into places of … Read More

5 Tips for Expanding Your Self-Pleasure Practice

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Greetings Readers, I wrote these tips in honor of National Masturbation Month, but of course, connecting to a self-pleasure practice is an everyday ritual! Here are 5 tips I recommend for expanding your self-pleasure practice: You don’t have to try all of these but you can start with one and then go from there! Use pleasure and okay as your compass, and do what works best for you and your body.  1) Connect to your breath Being in autopilot mode all day can disconnect us from our breath, … Read More

Expanding Your Relationship to Pleasure

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Greetings Readers,  I’d like to ask you something: How do you define pleasure? What does it mean to you? Pleasure can mean so many things. To me, it’s an umbrella term that encompasses the joy and aliveness of being in our bodies.   Pleasure does not have to be inherently sexual. In fact, we can experience pleasure in everyday experiences while staying in touch with our sensual selves. Consider trying the following activities while being mindful of the sensations that arise in your body: Connecting to nature: Enjoy the birds … Read More

Creating Your Erotic Practice Space

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Creating a spot or altar somewhere that’s intentionally and specifically devoted to your erotic practice and self-pleasure rituals is a profound gift to yourself. This sacred area helps to make your practice as sustainable as possible.  Not only that, but taking the time to set this space up can be a fun way to check in with yourself about your desires for your pleasure practice, and it’s a step toward prioritizing and fulfilling them. You can make a space in your house or bedroom, or … Read More

What is Somatic Sex Education?

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Somatic Sex Education is a big part of how I serve my clients and has supported so many of them through powerful transformations in their relationships to their bodies and to their pleasure. It’s a broad field and one that encompasses many different ways of working. Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education are very similar: they share origins and run parallel paths, but are slightly different. Sexological Bodywork was developed by Joseph Kramer as a way for erotic educators to assist people in developing a … Read More

I’m River Drosera, a queer femme working in Somatic Sex Education.

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Greetings, folx!  Now that it’s a fresh new year, it feels like an excellent time to re-introduce myself to you all! I’ve recently had some new people join me on social media and my email list, and I’m delighted that more of you are interested in the work I bring to the world.  So, in the spirit of getting to know each other a bit better, here’s a little about me! (At the end, I’ve also included a little journaling prompt for you, to help … Read More