Trusting the wisdom within 

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Hi, I’m River, and I believe that your pleasure is not only deeply important – it is sacred. In my private practice, I support queer folx and women with (re) connecting to their body’s internal erotic and creative wisdom through somatic sex education practices, tension and trauma release exercises, and scar tissue remediation. I hold space for deepening your relationship to your body, emotions, sensations, and pleasure.

 trauma informed. pleasure centered. body awareness approaches.


Are you feeling disconnected from your body and your pleasure? 

Do you experience scar tissue that is impacts how your body, moves, feels?, 

Are you feeling stressed and want to learn practices that support unwinding held tension in the body?




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Wisdom Within School of Pleasure's newest online course is here! 


Revitalizing Your Self-Pleasure Practice 

In this three-module, self-paced course, you’ll receive the invitations and guidance to help you begin or renew your solo self-pleasure time in ways that honor your erotic self as a vital and sacred part of who you truly are.
You’ll have access to pre-recorded captioned video content to move through at your own pace, ritual ideas, and journal prompts — all aimed toward helping you foster a vibrant, beautiful, and life-long relationship with your sexuality and your body.

Scar Tissue Remediation

Scars can form from surgeries, injuries, infections, and trauma to the body. A scar can travel beyond the point of original wounding and can adhere to muscles and tendons, tugging on the body affecting breathing, posture, sensation, and pleasure. In scar tissue remediation sessions, I use massage techniques with castor oil along with boundary and consent practices to help the body feel safe to unwind and soften scars and the places they adhere.


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Somatic Sex Education

As an SSEA Certified Somatic Sex Educator and IASHS Certified Sexological Bodyworker, I support queer, trans, non-binary folx, and women with embodiment practices to cultivate and care for their most authentic erotic selves. Coaching can include breath work, consensual touch and massage, pelvic release work, scar tissue remediation, masturbation coaching, body awareness, boundary setting, and anatomy and physiology of the pleasure organs.  I create a safe and non-judgmental container to assist you in exploring your desires, how to ask for what you want, and support you in (re) connecting to your body's sensations and pleasure. I help to uncover and support releasing acquired states of shame from inadequate sexual education, religious dogmas, and mixed cultural messages about sexuality.


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Tension & Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®)

Our bodies have a natural built-in shaking and vibrating reflex to help calm the nervous system and release stored tension after we experience overwhelming events and situations. Often this natural reflex is interrupted or suppressed, and we are unable to complete the discharge process. TRE® safely engages with this natural shaking reflex through seven simple and modifiable exercises that support the release of stress, tension, and trauma stored in the body's muscles and tissues.


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