Somatic Sex Education

Finally, the sexual education you deserve — from a trauma-informed perspective that prioritizes your embodiment and wellness.

Certified Somatic Sex Educators (CSSE) are trained to support individuals, couples, and groups to connect with their bodies, sexuality, and erotic expression. Coaching can include body awareness, learning how to set boundaries and ask for what you want, consensual touch practices, pelvic release work, scar tissue remediation, masturbation coaching, and anatomy and physiology of pleasure organs. 
Somatic Sex Educators are unique in that we include sexuality as part of the entire human embodied experience — because all too often, this facet is looked over or left out entirely, especially in discussions about the body. Our erotic and sensual selves are not separate from the rest of our body but rather woven in as part of our entire experience.
Somatic Sex Education is a multi-faceted field– and it offers useful and actionable pathways, tools, practices, rituals, and conversations to support people in experiencing deep wells of pleasure and cultivating a loving relationship with their bodies. Many somatic sex educators tailor your sessions to meet your unique desires, needs, and goals. This work is particularly transformative for those of us who are trauma survivors. 
As an SSE, I aim to create a relaxing container to assist one in exploring their sensations, desires, and pleasure. Each session takes place in a welcoming and non-judgemental environment, with clearly communicated ethics. These are articulated in and modeled by The Association of Sexological Bodyworkers Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics.
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