Somatic Sex Education 

Certified Somatic Sex Educators (CSSE) support individuals, couples, and groups to become more embodied and find their most authentic erotic selves. Coaching can include breath work, consensual touch and massage, pelvic release work, scar tissue remediation, masturbation coaching, body-awareness, boundary-setting, and anatomy and physiology of your pleasure organs. I create a safe container to assist one in exploring their personal desires, how to ask for what you want, and support you in (re) connecting to your body's sensations and pleasure. I help to uncover and release acquired states of shame from inadequate sexual education, religious dogmas, and mixed cultural messages about sexuality. As Certified Somatic Sex Educator I can help you re-frame and cultivate your true erotic nature by assisting in your own articulation of your boundaries and desires.
A session takes place in a safe and non-judgmental environment set with clear intentions and strict boundaries as set forth by the Association of Sexological Bodyworkers Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics. Somatic Sex Education and Coaching is not sexual surrogacy. A Certified Somatic Sex Educator remains fully clothed during a session and touch is unilateral. Sessions are focused on a client's personal growth, education, and development.



trauma informed. pleasure centered. body awareness approaches.


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