I offer both individual sessions and online courses 


One to one online coaching packages that include the Revitalizing Your Self-Pleasure Practice course! (All online)

Are you desiring more personalized support in getting your self-pleasure practice started? Do you wish to deepen your relationship to your pleasure with additional somatic practices that suit your needs? 

Learn more about my coaching packages that are in tandem with the online course! Because your pleasure is so worth it!

Open to all genders and sexual orientations. 



Revitalizing Your Self-Pleasure Practice- The online course. 

In this three-module, self-paced course, you'll receive the invitations and guidance to help you begin or renew your self-pleasure practice in ways that honor your erotic self as vital and sacred part of who you truly are.

Open to all genders and sexual orientations. 



Tension & Trauma Release Exercises -TRE® (on line and in person)

Have you experienced a traumatic event that you feel like is impacting your body, or relationship to yourself and others? Do you have prolonged stress, anxiety, and tension and you are unsure of how to support yourself?

Learn more about TRE®, a self-help tool that, once embodied, can be used as needed to support and promote personal wellness and nervous system resilience.

Open to all genders


Coming soon to Sacramento and the Wisdom Within School of Pleasure...


Scar Tissue Remediation Sessions (in person)

Coming soon...


Intuitive Body Work & Nurture Surrounds for women & LGBTIQA+ (in person) 

Slow and relaxing bodywork, set up in an environment that delights the senses. This is the ultimate relaxing session where we work together to take care of you and what your body really needs. Complete with hot tea, heated pillows, blankets and pillows, I offer you caring and connected touch to melt away your worries. Coming soon...


Expressive Erotic Play is opening back up again soon! 

Expressive Erotic Play (EEP), is a self-paced online course that will help you to develop a personal daily practice that connects you to your creative and sensual body. Complete with worksheets, videos, and two personal coaching calls, we will work together to design a practice that suits your individual needs and desires. Because in a world that often tells us otherwise, your body, your expressions, and your desires are important, valuable, and worth savoring! Coming soon...