Wisdom Within School of Pleasure 

Online self-paced courses to support you in your (re)connection to your body, pleasure, and creativity.


Revitalizing Your Self-Pleasure Practice

In this three-module, self-paced course, you’ll receive the invitations and guidance to help you begin or renew your solo self-pleasure time in ways that honor your erotic self as a vital and sacred part of who you truly are.


Expressive Erotic Play *Course currently closed. Opening soon!*

Expressive Erotic Play (EEP), is a self-paced online course that will help you to develop a personal daily practice that connects you to your creative and sensual body. Complete with worksheets, videos, and two personal coaching calls, we will work together to design a practice that suits your individual needs and desires. Because in a world that often tells us otherwise, your body, your expressions, and your desires are important, valuable, and worth savoring!