Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE)  

Our bodies have a natural built-in shaking and vibrating reflex to help calm the nervous system and release tension after we experience overwhelming events and situations. Often this natural reflex is interrupted or suppressed, and we are unable to complete our natural discharging process that supports us in returning to a place of relaxation and ease. Overtime, we may experience anxiety, chronic tension in our body, and hypervigilance that may impact our pleasure, joy, and connection to others and self. TRE® safely engages with this natural shaking reflex through seven simple and modifiable exercises, that support a connection to one's body. 
TRE® is a self-help tool that, once learned, can be used as needed to support and promote personal wellness and nervous system resilience. 

We shake with joy, we shake with grief.

What a time they have, these two

housed as they are in the same body.

-Mary Oliver


Who is TRE® for?
Anyone who has experienced trauma and prolonged stress, anxiety, and tension in the body. 
What are the benefits of TRE®?
Reported benefits listed from www.traumaprevention.com
Less worry and anxiety, reduces symptoms of PTSD, more energy and endurance, less workplace stress, better sleep, reduced muscles and back pain, less relationship conflict, greater emotional resiliency, decreases symptoms of vicarious trauma, lessened anxiety surrounding serious illness, etc. 
Many people report feeling more calm and relaxed after a TRE® session. 
Do memories surface during a session?
Not very often. TRE® works with the natural shaking mechanism so we may not always know what we are shaking out. More often emotions, both challenging and wonderful, are released as a part of the process. My aim is to create a welcoming environment so you can pause to consider and be curious about your emotional landscape during a session.
How should I prepare for a session?
- Eat a light snack to hold you over for the session
- Drink plenty water and get rest in the days before your session
- Wear fitting but comfortable clothing such as yoga clothes
What are the cost of your sessions?
Introductory sessions (90 min)  $150- $225 sliding scale
On-going sessions (60-75 min) $125-$175 sliding scale 
Introductory 3-session coaching package (recommended)  that includes emails support in between sessions (75-90 min/ session) $425-$550 sliding scale
Do you see clients online?
Yes! During Covid, I see clients online. I also see clients in person depending on what is happening locally and statewide with covid surges. 
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"I felt very comfortable working with River from the beginning. The TRE sessions were friendly, grounded and focused at a slow pace that suited me. The exercises were clearly demonstrated and are now ingrained as a valuable tool I can use on my own, safely. River's email check-ins throughout our were were very helpful and holding. I'm grateful for River's warm approach and gentle curiosity in our work together."