Your Self-Pleasure Practice 

“Change the way you masturbate and change your life.”

- Joseph Kramer, founder of Sexological Bodywork

I understand how easily it can happen: over the years, you’ve slipped into self-pleasure habits that are at best benign and boring, and that maybe even keep you from fully and intimately knowing yourself and your body.
Or, perhaps you feel curious and have the sense that there’s more available to you in the world of self-pleasure — but you aren’t sure what that might be or how to start moving toward it.
Or, maybe you're accustomed to the habits you’ve had from the start: the rushed, tense, and quiet self-pleasure of your youth. This may be because so many of us live in shame-based cultures, communities, and families — and that can have an enormous impact on how we experience and relate to pleasure. You may have even picked up new habits over time! The key is to notice your patterns and observe whether they are serving you, and if not, the invitation is to try something new.
However it shows up for you, know that you’re not alone: it’s normal to self-pleasure in the ways you have done for many years, or maybe your whole life! Like me, you may even enjoy the way you typically self-pleasure but also desire to have an expansive solo erotic practice that feels transformative, grounding, self-loving, and healing.
You and your pleasure are worthy of so much!
I invite you to transform any stale, stagnant ways of self-pleasuring into a vibrant world of delight, splendor, and loving care.

 Your pleasure is not only deeply important – it is sacred.


Do you feel disconnected from your body and your pleasure?

Do you have a feeling that there is more out there to explore with your sensuality and sexuality?

Are you curious about creating a self-pleasure practice but are unsure of how to start?


Check out courses and individual session packages below.



Revitalizing Your Self-Pleasure Practice: The online course 

In this three-module, self-paced course, you’ll receive the invitations and guidance to help you begin or renew your solo self-pleasure time in ways that honor your erotic self as a vital and sacred part of who you truly are.



Revitalizing Your Self-Pleasure Practice: The online coaching package

In these packages you will get access to the Revitalizing Your Self-Pleasure Practice online course AND your choice of 3 or 5 one-to-one hour long online coaching calls with River. This may be for you if:

- You want to have more support for creating a practice that suits your individual needs

-  You desire to be able to have someone be a compassionate witness to your journey

-You have had traumatic experiences that you feel is impacting your pleasure, and feel more support may be needed

- Struggle to do online courses without support or accountability

Cost: Price of course (sliding scale available) & and individual sessions are $160-$250 per session.