Scar Tissue Remediation

Scars can form from surgeries, injuries, infections, and trauma to the body. Scars can travel beyond the point of original wounding, creating adhesions with muscles and tendons, tugging on the body affecting mobility, access to sensation, and pleasure.
In scar tissue remediation sessions, I use massage techniques with castor oil and boundary and consent practices to support the unwinding and softening of your scars and the places they adhere. In addition, I aim to create a welcoming environment for any stories, sensations, and emotions that may emerge around the circumstances to which you first acquired the scar and how it impacts your body today.
I work primarily with gender-affirming scars and pelvic scars from infections, birthing injuries, and trauma.


 trauma informed. pleasure centered. body awareness approaches.

Do you have a scar that impacts how your body moves and feels?

Do you desire to create or deepen a loving relationship to your scar?

Are you curious about how to support your scars after gender affirming surgeries, giving birth, or other injuries?

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