Creating Your Erotic Practice Space

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Creating a spot or altar somewhere that’s intentionally and specifically devoted to your erotic practice and self-pleasure rituals is a profound gift to yourself. This sacred area helps to make your practice as sustainable as possible.  Not only that, but taking the time to set this space up can be a fun way to check in with yourself about your desires for your pleasure practice, and it’s a step toward prioritizing and fulfilling them. You can make a space in your house or bedroom, or … Read More

What is Somatic Sex Education?

River DroseraSomatic Sex Education

Hello, friends! I figured it was time to share more with you about what I actually do in my work, since some people aren’t sure what it looks like! Somatic Sex Education is a big part of how I serve my clients, and has supported so many of them through powerful transformations in their relationships to their bodies and to their pleasure. It’s a broad field and one that encompasses many different ways of working. Sexological bodywork and Somatic Sex Education are very similar: they … Read More