5 Tips for Expanding Your Self-Pleasure Practice

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Greetings Readers, I wrote these tips in honor of National Masturbation Month, but of course, connecting to a self-pleasure practice is an everyday ritual! Here are 5 tips I recommend for expanding your self-pleasure practice: You don’t have to try all of these but you can start with one and then go from there! Use pleasure and okay as your compass, and do what works best for you and your body.  1) Connect to your breath Being in autopilot mode all day can disconnect us from our breath, … Read More

Expanding Your Relationship to Pleasure

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Greetings Readers,  I’d like to ask you something: How do you define pleasure? What does it mean to you? Pleasure can mean so many things. To me, it’s an umbrella term that encompasses the joy and aliveness of being in our bodies.   Pleasure does not have to be inherently sexual. In fact, we can experience pleasure in everyday experiences while staying in touch with our sensual selves. Consider trying the following activities while being mindful of the sensations that arise in your body: Connecting to nature: Enjoy the birds … Read More