5 Tips for Expanding Your Self-Pleasure Practice

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Greetings Readers,

I wrote these tips in honor of National Masturbation Month, but of course, connecting to a self-pleasure practice is an everyday ritual! Here are 5 tips I recommend for expanding your self-pleasure practice:

You don’t have to try all of these but you can start with one and then go from there! Use pleasure and okay as your compass, and do what works best for you and your body. 
1) Connect to your breath Being in autopilot mode all day can disconnect us from our breath, and ultimately our bodies. Try connecting with your natural rhythmic breathing and/or notice how your body responds to different breathing practices. What does it feel like when you breathe through your nose versus your mouth? What happens when you expand your ribcage as you breathe? Lastly, try breathing into your pelvic floor and notice what sensations arise. 

2) Go sloooow We might fall into a habit of rushing our masturbation practice by focusing on the orgasm. Porn can also commonly depict fast-paced sex acts without showing foreplay or preparation. Give yourself permission to slow down and make it all about you. Savor every sensation as much as possible! 

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3) Move your body and dance! Movement, no matter how big or small, and dance are a fun way to get the heart rate going, shake things up and lead to a steamy masturbation practice. You can make a playlist or start with one song that puts you in the mood. See what happens when you make eye contact with yourself in the mirror, or close your eyes and enjoy the sensations your body experiences. Notice what sensations arise as you shake your booty or figure 8 hip circles. Burlesque and pole dance classes can also be a fun “solo date” before going home to your practice.  

4) Make soundsDon’t be afraid to loudly exhale when you’re breathing, or see what vibrations stir up when you make an “mmmm” sound. Moan, growl, purr, giggle, it’s all beautiful! Let whatever noises that wish to arise from your pleasure flow freely! 

5) Touch your WHOLE body (or the places you can reach with your hand or toys) It can be easy to fall into the trap of going straight to the juicy bits when it comes to masturbation but what about other erogenous zones? Consider your whole body an erogenous zone!  Try giving yourself a yummy scalp massage, trace the insides of your arms and legs, rub yourself with a lovely fragrant oil, or give your booty a spank! You may discover things that you can try with a partner in the future as well.
I hope you enjoyed these tips! Please share this blog with your friends!

In Pleasure,

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