I’m River Drosera, a queer femme working in Somatic Sex Education.

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Greetings, folx! 

Now that it’s a fresh new year, it feels like an excellent time to re-introduce myself to you all! I’ve recently had some new people join me on social media and my email list, and I’m delighted that more of you are interested in the work I bring to the world. 

So, in the spirit of getting to know each other a bit better, here’s a little about me! (At the end, I’ve also included a little journaling prompt for you, to help you explore your relationship to your own pleasure, if you feel called.)

My name is River Drosera, I am a queer femme working in Somatic Sex Education. 

I use they/them pronouns and I live and work on occupied Nisenan territory, also known as Sacramento.

I grew up in rural New York before going to art school, then found my way into the Somatic Sex Education realm. It was a natural calling, as I was usually the person people would come to talk about their sex lives. I’ve always felt it was essential to openly share with my friends about our experiences as erotic beings in the world — especially because our education around sex and bodies was (and is!) so limited. I’m delighted to report that I’ve been working professionally in the somatic sex-ed and body awareness field for close to 8 years now! 

I was trained as a Sexological Bodyworker in 2013 before becoming one of the core trainers for the Sexological Bodywork Certification. I have since been trained in Somatic Sex Education, Tension and Trauma Release, and NeuroAffective Touch. (If you’re not sure what these are — not to worry! I’ll be sharing more about them in the near future.) 

I blend these modalities based on each client’s intentions and desires — because no path toward healing and full expression is the same. I’m also the founder of The Erotic Arts Project, a project that celebrates the erotic and creative body, which you can learn more about right here.

In my private practice, I mostly see queer folx and women to assist them with (re)connecting to their body’s internal erotic and creative wisdom — which I believe is a big part of our full, healthy expression as individuals. When we can work in person, I also support folx with scar tissue remediation after surgery, injury, illness, and trauma.

People often reach out to me for consultations or 1:1 work for one or a few of these reasons: 

🔸  They feel stuck, and like there is something they are missing in their erotic life

🔸  They are experiencing pain with sex

🔸  They are recovering from trauma, and it’s impacting their connection to their body and their pleasure

🔸  There are boundary issues in their relationships

🔸  They’re curious about developing a personal pleasure practice. 

🔸  They are queer and need to be seen by a queer practitioner 

🔸  They want sexuality to be a part of paying attention to their internal body experience

🔸  …And so much more! 

Individual, private sessions are really for you to be able to explore something with focus and attention while being in presence of a compassionate witness. I offer the care of “someone being there” — because healing happens in relation to other people, and when we understand that we aren’t alone.

The mission of my work is to support those who wish to return to their internal wisdom and innate human knowing — and who desire to honor it as valuable, changeable, and imperfect. I always try to guide my clients and students back to pleasure, because I believe that pleasure helps undo and free us from harmful cultural, communal, and familial messages about the body and sex.

I believe that a loving relationship between the body, mind, and spiritual self — however that may look  — is critical to dismantling the systems of oppression that functionally rely on its severance. Reconnecting and repairing these relationships is essential to the opportunity for every body on this planet to thrive.


As we welcome in the new year, I want to invite you to feel into what is important to you and your pleasure. Here are some questions to consider below — consider making yourself a cup of tea and pulling out your journal to record your answers in a comfortable spot, if it feels good to do so.

🔹  What is the relationship you currently have with your body and your pleasure?

🔹  How would you like that relationship to look in 3 months from now? In a year from now?

🔹  Is there anything that you feel that is getting in the way of that relationship flourishing?

If you desire one-on-one support and want to see if my practice is a great fit for you — or if you’re simply curious to learn more about the work I do — you can book your complimentary consultation call right here. I would love to meet you.

I’m so excited to share more with you over the coming weeks about my practice and what I’ve learned during my 8 years of experience — and to bring my work out into the world more this year. I have some exciting offerings coming in 2021 to support you as best I can (at every level of financial accessibility), so be sure you’ve signed up for my email list to stay up to date on all of it.

Happy New Year! Thank you for being here. 

In breath,